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How often should I check the fit of my child’s shoes?

Generally every 8-12 weeks. Children’s feet grow erratically and could grow by ½ size in this period. Children aged four and upwards should have shoes checked every 10-12 weeks (and at least every 4 months).

The measuring gauge showed my child as being a size 7F although they have been fitted into different size shoe.

A fitting gauge is only a guide for a qualified fitter to use and there are many variations in sizes and brands so the fitting is equally as important as the measurement.


Clark’s shoes generally measure half a size bigger than most other brands.

When should my child start wearing his first pair of shoes?

When he has established walking unaided. This can be from any time between 7 months and 2 years. A first shoe is to protect feet and should be designed around the shape of the feet. It should respond to the demands of your little one’s foot i.e. weight bearing, balance and movement. They should be firm yet snug at the heel and flexible at the front.

How can we as parents help look after our child’s feet?

Make sure socks are good quality cotton and are not too small or misshapen. Check toe seams which can irritate toes. Socks which are too small will restrict growth.

Do not hand down shoes. They take the shape of the previous wearer and will not support in vital areas.

Keep feet clean. Dry between toes and cut nails straight across and gently file any corners.

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